Wednesday 25 January 2017

Hydronic Control Boards
Green Building Technologies Hydronic Control Boards

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Hydronic Control Boards

GBT offers custom built Hydronic control boards and Boiler control boards, these boards are custom built to each customers specifications. The boards have almost unlimitied possibilities the heat source can range from Geo Thermal to Electric boilers and everything in between. The biggest advantage to a custom built control board is the onsite install time by taking 75% of the field work and doing it in a controlled environment we can ensure that each joint and connection is done to the highest standard and pressure tested. We use a combination of copper press and sweat fittings which allow for a very neat fit & finish. When the board arrives on site the final install is very easy allowing the use of almost any plumbing or heating contractor.

A couple of key fetures are below:

  • Natural gas, Propane, and Electric options
  • Can be used with indoor & outdoor wood boilers
  • Designed and assembled in WI
  • We use the highest end products available
  • Endless customization
  • Complete plug and play install
  • Can save up to 75% of onsite install time
  • Can be used for domestic hot water or with a indirect hot water heater