Friday 3 February 2017
Posted by:  7:49 AM CST

Installing a minisplit can appear to be a daunting task but it really is not difficult at all and 95% of it can be do it yourself.

Thursday 2 February 2017
Posted by:  8:10 AM CST

GBT offers a full line of Hydronic tubing install tools and accessories, they range from simple zip ties to pneumatic staple guns. If its needed to install tubing or any part of a hydronic system we have it, if you dont see it just ask.

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Posted by:  7:35 AM CST

Reflective Foil Insulation is key to any radiant system whether it be hydronic or electric, for either of these systems to work at its full potential you need a radiant break between your heat source and the earth or unconditioned spaces.

Tuesday 31 January 2017
Posted by:  7:37 AM CST

PEX tubing is the single most important part of any radiant install, and alot of people dont know the different options out there. Many just go to a box store and ask for PEX but is it really that simple.

Monday 30 January 2017
Posted by:  7:41 AM CST

WhisperGreen Select™ is revolutionizing the ventilation fan industry with a new set of features that enable customization and easier installation.

Friday 27 January 2017
Posted by:  7:22 AM CST

GBT's offering of chrome manifold sets continue to grow and be one of the largest available to the retail market.

Thursday 26 January 2017
Posted by:  7:16 AM CST

What is a ductless minisplit heat pump? Well the ductless minisplit heat pump or minisplit for short is a great way to control a rooms climate individually from the rest of the home or building.

Wednesday 25 January 2017
Posted by:  8:50 AM CST

GBT offers custom built Hydronic control boards and Boiler control boards, these boards are custom built to each customers specifications.

Posted by:  12:02 PM CST

Green Building Technologies was formed to fill a big gap in the high efficiency home building market. We noticed immediately that the high efficiency builders had to contact multiple “reps” to buy certain products for their homes.